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      所在位置:主頁 > 印刷設計 > 宣傳冊印刷 > 宣傳冊印刷設計時圖案有什么作用?


      時間:2020/05/05 來源:上海程勛印刷廠 作者:程勛印刷

        In the printing and design of enterprise brochures, a large number of patterns are used. The pattern is a visual language. Images and colors are used to convey information, ideas and exchange ideas intuitively. It can transcend national boundaries, eliminate language barriers and enter into various fields of communication with people. It is a common visual symbol of human beings. In general, the use of patterns can play the following roles:

        1. 誘導效果:獵取讀者的好奇心,使讀者被圖形所吸引,進而將目光引向文本。圖形表示的技術是多種多樣的。傳統的繪畫和攝影技術可以產生具有不同特征和風格的不同形狀和圖像。特別是近年來,計算機輔助設計的應用極大地擴展了圖形的創造和表現。然而,不管用什么方法,平面設計都可以歸結為兩類:具體的和抽象的。

        1. Inducement effect: to hunt the curiosity of readers, make readers attracted by graphics, and then turn their eyes to the text. The technology of graphic representation is various. Traditional painting and photography technology can produce different shapes and images with different characteristics and styles. Especially in recent years, the application of CAD has greatly expanded the creation and expression of graphics. However, no matter what method is used, graphic design can be classified into two categories: concrete and abstract.

        2. 視覺效果:有效利用圖形的視覺效果來吸引讀者的注意力。這種瞬間產生的強烈的“視覺效果”只有圖形才能達到。

        2. Visual effect: effectively use the visual effect of graphics to attract readers' attention. The strong "visual effect" of this instant can only be achieved by graphics.


        3. Reading effect: a good graphic design can accurately convey the theme, making it easier for readers to understand and accept the information it conveys.

        4. 形象圖形是一種流行的、容易被接受的視覺語言形式。運用形象圖形來傳達某種思想或產品信息,不僅可以增強畫面的表現力和說服力,提高畫面的注意力價值,而且可以使信息更加有效。需要注意的是,具體圖形的選擇和應用,圖像應與主題密切相關,需要經過處理和提煉并嚴格篩選,它應該是具體圖形表現的升華,而不是簡單的羅列圖像、拼湊。

        4. Image graphics is a popular and easily accepted form of visual language. Using image graphics to convey a certain idea or product information can not only enhance the expressiveness and persuasiveness of the picture, improve the attention value of the picture, but also make the information more effective. It should be noted that the selection and application of specific graphics, images should be closely related to the theme, need to be processed, refined and strictly screened, it should be the sublimation of specific graphics performance, rather than simply listing and patching images.


        5. The simple and concise form beauty and strong visual effect of abstract charts are the enhancement of people's aesthetic significance and the embodiment of the spirit of the times. Compared with specific images, they have a strong sense of modernity, symbolism and typicality. Abstract performance can not be bound by any performance skills and objects, can not be limited by time and space, expand the performance of space brochures.

      上海程勛印刷廠 上海程勛印刷設計公司是一家品牌營銷顧問機構,十年品牌形象策劃實戰團隊。深諳品牌營銷創意之道,洞察市場,品牌全案設計思維活躍,品牌營銷思想走在潮流前端。我們擅長主營業務品牌設計、企業VI設計、餐飲VI設計、LOGO設計、餐飲LOGO設計、畫冊設計、包裝設計、海報設計、廣告平面設計,商務印刷,包裝印刷等。

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